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COVID-19 IoT Alliance
We are the IoT and Telematics companies willing to synergize in the face of the COVID-19 invasion to minimize its consequences for humanity and the global economy.
We join forces in order to help national governments, municipalities, NGOs, and other enthusiastic groups across the globe harness the spread of the coronavirus by developing effective complex (hardware + connectivity + software) technological solutions aimed at monitoring and regulating the movement or location of people, assets, and vehicles, controlling the state of protected areas and objects, ensuring public safety, and more.
Projects we support
Jimi & Concox is more than happy to be part of the alliance and of the fight against COVID-19. We are ready to:
  • Offer special discounts on video telematics, fleet and asset management products;
  • Offer special discounts on walkie-talkies and body-worn cameras;
  • Offer special discounts on outdoor security cameras;
  • Help search for qualified Chinese vendors that manufacture infrared thermometers, face masks, protective suits etc... if necessary.
Expectations of the alliance members
No-one of the alliance members is seeking any commercial benefit from the participation in the alliance. Alliance members commit to provide products or services for the projects at cost.
All alliance members are expected to actively seek opportunities and contribute potential project concepts relevant to the alliance profile (telematics- or IoT-based projects).
Each member is using every effort to spread the word about the alliance, its mission, and guiding principles.
Minimal involvement implies:
  • creating a dedicated page about the alliance on the official website (similar to this page on the flespi website)
  • adding a textual link saying "COVID19 IoT Alliance" or placing this banner on the main page of the official website that lead to the dedicated page
  • reposting publications from COVID19 IoT Alliance in the corresponding social networks (FB, LinkedIn) within 24 hours.
About Flespi
Flespi is an innovative backend platform by Gurtam connecting telematics hardware of any type to various BI and telematics systems, providing unified data communication via REST API. The service can receive and process data from almost any telematics device on the market regardless of the protocol and store them in a standardized JSON format. Unified messages are easily accessible and instantly ready-for-use in your software.
COVID-19 Guidance Manual